Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let go

A simple story told by me gramps, but I still carry it yet after so long.
"two Buddhist monks, a senior and his disciple took a stroll down the lake. Upon reaching, their eyes caught a lady having her bath, so did her attention. Frantic, the lady made a run for it, only to skid and twist her ankle. Frantic, so were the monks. It's a 'sin' to witness, and yet a bigger sin to lay hands on any lady. Considerations of a religious taboo hangs in the middle"
"the elder, to the panic of his junior, decided what is to do. Together, the trio made their way to the nearest village. With the lady piggy-riding the elder, and never away from the silent protests of the junior's silent eye"
"that night. junior was beginning to get uneasy. doubting. yet, reluctant to open up. Elder was unfazed. He said.....
"I have already let go of my burden back at the village, why are you still carrying yours?"

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